Sweet Bunny

SweetBunnyHare Hair Vitamin Gummies (60 pieces) are sugar-free hair vitamins that help to strengthen the hair, promote hair growth and result in vitality. These gummies contain ingredients that have been proven to contribute to hair growth. The hair vitamins can be used for any type of hair and are suitable for both women and men. The vitamins are in the form of small pink bunnies, which smell and taste delicious. The vitamins of Sweet Bunny Hare do not contain hormones. Only hair growth on the scalp is stimulated. Facial and body hair are therefore also unaffected. Moreover, the hair vitamins are cruelty free and the ingredients are halal certified. This hair vitamin is rich in health and vitality. These Sweet Bunny Hare vitamins nourish the hair from the inside out and improve the general condition of the hair.

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