Founded in 2014, BluMaan is a men’s grooming company that was born in Vancouver, Canada - a place that is known for its nature, start-up culture and friendly people! At the time, Joseph Andrews (founder of BluMaan) felt that there was a lack of quality and affordability in the market with men’s hair styling products. Traditional beauty companies rarely reached out to their customers to understand what they wanted. By using his growing YouTube presence, he was able to take matters into his own hands and realized that many of his viewers were having trouble finding a versatile, non-toxic, high-hold hair styling product. That was how their first product, BluMaan’s Original Styling Meraki, was created. Ever since BluMaan started, it has always been their mission to help people find their personal style through the power of hair styling. We also believe that in order to achieve the best hairstyle, hair should be in optimal health. All BLuMaan products are made in the USA with ingredients that nourish the hair and are safe for daily use.

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