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OASE Hair Vitamins

Meet the team that worked on OASE

Justin Regterschot


Kenan Japalak


Roy van Drunen


Fenna Kaihatu


Sam Rikken

3D Photography

Establish a brand

We're brand builders. Not just illustrators or marketeers. We do the whole shebang. From strategy and design to manufacturing.

Through the digital to the physical world

Realize your ideas and start shipping. We build and will therefore understand your brand better than anyone else will.

We know manufacturers. We know what they're capable of and we can find the perfect match for your brand.
Custom packaging. Bring your wildest ideas to life or keep it simple, efficient, and eco-friendly. Everything is possible.
Labelling and requirements
We can create stunning quality labels that adhere to EU legislation. We've done it before.

Designing your brand identity

First we work out a strategy. Together or we do it for you. It's important that the strategy is aligned with your founding principles. From there we can start building a visual language for your brand.

An important and one of the most distinctive assets of a brand identity are its illustrations. With the logo as the face of the brand.
Color palette
The title speaks for itself, and so should your brand. Through principles, content, illustrations, but also color.
Align the look of the things you say with your brand identity.

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