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We offer a full service solution for businesses that want to sell on in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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In exchange for a sole distribution agreement we will take care of everything else.

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We will handle everything involved with selling on for you, making it as accessible as possible for you to expand your business and grow.

  • Writing, creating and optimizing content
  • Customer service
  • Translations by professional native translators
  • Advertising on
  • An experienced partner
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Monitoring and reports
  • Dutch and Belgian marketplace
  • Unlimited products and brands
  • Predefined MOQ

Frequently asked questions

What is your business model?
We will earn purely on product margins. With a sole distribution agreement, our experience with selling, and the data we collect we can work very efficiently and if needed project and secure earnings.
What countries does operate in?
The Netherlands and Belgium. You can choose whether you want us to sell on to Dutch and/or Belgian consumers.
Do you also take care of fulfillment?
Yes. If possible we will make use of's fulfillment service as this has certain advantages. If not, we have our own warehouses from which we can ship to consumers in both the Netherlands and Belgium within 24 hours.
Can you show results?
Yes! We are more than happy to share our results. Please contact us and we will share some of our relevant case studies and results with you.
Who is your ideal customer?
We prefer to work with brands in the beauty and health category that have already built up some branding and brand awareness. This allows us to work efficiently and focus on selling.
How do I start?
Send us a message with information about your company, brand(s) and products. Whether you're a small, new company or a large enterprise, we will always give you an exstensive reply with our thoughts and recommendations.

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